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You are always invested in a film, but there is always a different feeling you get when you are portraying a character that is based on real life and you are re-telling events that actually took place.

With a thriller, you're going to have your red herrings, as different suspects are thrown up as possible culprits.

You can only explore that for so long - if you do that more than a few times, it starts to get a little redundant.

Where typically the cops are generally the good guys, 'The Red Road' blurs the lines intelligently and shows corruption from all sides of the law. When I arrived in LA I assumed I'd be able to put on the American accent.

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He then starred in another Rhimes vehicle, the Washington, D.

Had I had more time to think about it, I could have made myself neurotic about it, but there literally wasn't time.

I just had to get the script, get a sense of who this guy was, how to play him and learn my lines.

Grey's Anatomy is the third medical drama you've worked on (he also played a doctor in another Rhimes series, Off the Map). How did you prepare for the role of Dr Riggs and the emotional demands that come with it? When Shonda offered me the role, I was obviously very grateful and wanted to do it, but I had a previous commitment for a film and I didn't want to pull out of that.

Then they said, what if we write your character in part-way through the season, which I was so touched and humbled by, so I said that's a win-win for me.