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aimed at protecting its continued existence by minimizing the cognitive dissonance the addict experiences as a result of his progressively irrational self- and usually other- harmful behavior.

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This list of frequently asked questions and answers on issues of separation and divorce has been developed by Murray Law Firm in conjunction with our professional members in response to the numerous requests for information we have received from our site visitors.The answers to the questions provided in this section are general in nature and are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship or to replace specific legal advice.

There are those fathers that are labeled as Dead Beat Dads whom will not work for the sole purpose of avoiding child support payments.Oklahoma is now a "no fault" state, meaning that a person desiring a divorce does not have to prove that his or her spouse is at fault in the marriage.The most common grounds for divorce is irreconcilable differences.Most states define marriage as a civil contract between a man and a woman to become husband and wife.The traditional way to marry is to get a marriage license from a state-authorized official, then participate in a formal civil or religious wedding ceremony.For men, ending a relationship with an abusive woman is also often the most dangerous time.