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I opened the LINE app that includes my favorite applications and interesting because it always give free- sticker and paid sticker.I also often download the stickers, but the more I tend, I think LINE’s sticker support to adult images that are not safe and is not feasible for children and children should not see.K-Drama: Boys Over Flowers / Boys Before Flowers (BBF), Dream High, To the Beautiful You. And of course, I'm in love with the hottest boy in school, Natsu, because a crush is too much of an understatement. I thought I would always be a no one, until..."Let's become popular Lucy"Lucy goes on a solo mission after Lisanna comes back so the rest of Team Natsu has a chance to become reacquainted and do missions with her. Now, Natsu is the owner of the biggest computer company in Fiore while Lucy became a common housewife living with a daughter. Lucy Heartfilia is the new transfer student at the elite high school Fairy Tail academy. Mengenai siswi yang diperkosa lalu dibunuh di toilet. Tapi malamnya entah kenapa Lucy kembali dipertemukan dengan Natsu. Will Lucy be able to fall for Natsu all over again? Featured pairing is Na Lu, and pretty much any other pairing that my friends and I ship. But, poor Natsu and Lucy, they didn't know they would fall for each other by the end of the week! Korean reality: Running Man, We Got Married, Let's Go Dream Team, Wild Bunny, SHINee Yuhanam, SHINee Hello Baby, KBS Hello, etc. But when Lucy is halfway home after completing a mission, she bumps into some trouble passing through a shortcut forest. She is quick to make friends but is also quick to discover the Host club, and a certain pink haired boy. Sakura mendatangi acara reunian sekaligus merayakan tahun baru bersama teman-teman SMPnya. /Sekelebat memori-memori yang pernah terjadi antara dirinya dengan Naruto dulu terlintas di benak Sakura karena petemuan dan perkataan orang-orang yang hari ini ia temui. Atau memori yang melintas itu memberi petunjuk sebenarnya siapa yang benar-benar ia sayangi dan cintai? Tapi apakah hanya itu alasan kenapa mereka dilarang ke sekolah pada malam hari? Future Lemon A request (more like a dare though) from a friend. (DISCONTINUED)Natsu and Lucy both realized that they have feelings for each other but are afraid to admit it, everyone in the guild has noticed this and planned to hook them up will they're plan work? Lucy Heartifilla transferred to Fairy Tail Academy, but the school was very well-known as the monster school, why? Melihat konten tersebut banyak dibicarakan publik dan masih dianggap negatif arena tidak mengikuti aturan ketentuan, norma, dan budaya yang berlaku di Indonesia, maka pihaknya akan menindaklanjuti."Kepada Whats App pun demikian, kami akan segera menghubungi pihak Whats App agar memberlakukan hal yang sama (dengan Line)," tegasnya.

Just recently, i have really tried hard to push for her to reconnect with her family, and granted, she has tried.

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Hari ini saya membuka aplikasi LINE yang termasuk aplikasi favorit dan menarik karena selalu memberikan sticker-sticker gratis maupun berbayar.

Call me Ariri (ありり) / Shafa/ Ha Byung (하 병)Bio data: Pen name: Silver Flamers Real name: Shafa (full name? )Korean name: Kim Ha Byung (김하병)Japanese name: Ariri Kirishima (ありり 霧島)Birthday: July 25th Sex: Female Age: 12 (so young, huh? Actor/Actress: Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Minho (SHINee). When Lucy gets dared to date Natsu, how will she go through with it? Mainly Na Lu, some Gray Za here and there, and a bit (if not) of other couples. Bored of the classic 'Natsu wants Lucy but she doesn't want him' Then you're bound to love this! And what makes things more interesting is that Lucy is in need of money, and One Direction just happen to need a new maid... Lucy's hurt and alone, but that's not enough to stop her from becoming better, stronger. Lucy was the daughter of the richest business tycoon in Fiore while Natsu was a commoner's son. Ketika bermain, Natsu pun mendapat giliran 'spesial' dan mendapat misi Dare yaitu: menjadi pacar Lucy seminggu! The last thing they would want to experience is overhear Haru and Kou's crazy rendezvous [? The last thing they would want is to be with an overprotective brother who is ready to destroy the door.

)Height: 160 cm (I'm too tall for this age I think)Language: Indonesian & English & a little Mandarin Location: Tangerang, Indonesia Hobby: playing my i Phone, watching anime, watching korean reality show, watching korean drama, reading comics, chatting (Line, What's App, dll.), making stories, pranking, listenig to music, etc. Fan: Otaku, Hottest, Blackjack, SHAWOL (Flamers & Taemints), Exotics. My life doesn't get better- Don't worry, I'm not bullied, abused or cutting myself, I'm just your average no one in high school, the loser, the loner. Run-ins with her nakama of the past and making new ones, her two worlds collides, with a little romance no doubt. Lucy finds herself with a lot more on her plate than she asked for. Seven years after, they switched roles because of what happened seven years ago. Bagaimana ya, jika Fairy tail adalah nama sebuah kos-kosan campur? Natsu dan Lucy bertemu di sekolah Fairy Tail namun sebuah accident membuat mereka membenci satu sama lain. /"Dia membuatku tergila-gila.."/Chapter 3 Up Date During a mission, Lucy encountered an accident which caused her life to change forever. Not her past life, not her guildmates and friends, not her name, not even her relationship with Natsu. Along with the rest of the gang, they have fun during their stay.