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1:1-6), Zechariah assigns the night visions (1:7-) to the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month (1:7), February 15, 519 B. His final chronological reference is to the fourth year of Darius and the fourth day of the ninth month (7:1). If one accepts the unity of the whole book (a position accepted here and defended), this last date presumably marks the occasion for all the oracles and other messages of chapters 7-14. An integration of the chronological data of Haggai and Zechariah might yield further clues as to their relationship, though admittedly such clues would be deduced with some measure of speculation.

It is difficult to determine what role Zechariah may have played in connection with the public ministry of Haggai, a ministry that commenced only two months before his own (Hag. When they are mentioned together (Ezra 5:1; ), Haggai’s name is always first, suggesting either his leadership or his prophetic and canonical priority. With Haggai, Zechariah provided the leadership to enable their compatriots to bring the building task successfully to completion by about March 13, 515 B. The most critical part of Haggai’s appeal seems to occurs in Hag.

The capitals are of the Ionic order and are decorated with the egg-and-dart decoration.

Whereas Haggai’s vision encompassed, for the most part, his immediate, temporal situation, the range of his contemporary and colleague was much more expansive; for Zechariah not only shared Haggai’s burden about the inertia of the postexilic community, but by vision and dream saw the unfolding of Divine purpose for all of God’s people and for all the ages to come.

Rich in apocalyptic imagery and packed with messianic prediction and allusion, Zechariah’s writings became a favorite of the New Testament evangelists and apostles.

There are no dates given for chapters 9-14 and Zechariah's name does not even appear in that section.

Times have changed and there is no reference made to Darius or any other king.