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’ is now the platform for one of the most creative of luxury homes in the form of the So Ho Triplex Penthouse that located at 95 Greene Street in the prestigious New York 10012 zip code.

This magnificent marvel of engineering has been put together by its current owner, who meticulously combined three luxury penthouses to create the So Ho Triplex Penthouse, making it a crown jewel of the modern luxury homes for sale.

Goggles have been used at least since the American Civil War by Artillerymen and then Railway Engineers.

Garnet Wolseley was an observer during that conflict and may have been instrumental in their introduction into the British Army for the Sudan campaigns of 1882-1885.

The Penthouse itself is housed in a vintage building dating back to the year 1860 and the upscale neighborhood to this magnificent residence is composed of European designers, art galleries and highly revered restaurants and bars.

The sale of the stunning So Ho Triplex Penthouse is currently being overseen by .

Who really lives at One Hyde Park, called the world’s most expensive residential building?

Century; versions were still on sale until at least the 1960’s.

After quickly shrugging off the global financial crisis the complex has come to embody the central-London real-estate market, where, as high-end property consultant Charles Mc Dowell put it, “prices have gone bonkers.”From the Hyde Park side, One Hyde Park protrudes aggressively into the skyline like a visiting spaceship, a head above its red-brick and gray-stone Victorian surroundings.

Inside, on the ground floor, a large, glassy lobby offers what you’d expect from any luxury intercontinental hotel: gleaming steel statues, thick gray carpets, gray marble, and extravagant chandeliers with radiant sprays of glass.

With maker's badge that reads "Davey's Patent Windproof Ship Lamp".

Solid brass ship's masthead lantern with Fresnel glass lens and maker's badge that reads "Triplex, trademark pat'd 1910".