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How to Attract a Virgo Man as an Aquarius Woman: Be smart. He is strong enough for you in spite of his obvious gentleness.

Try not to be too outspoken until he knows you well enough to know you engage your brain before voicing your opinions.

Famous Virgo-Aquarius Couples: Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, Scott and Sarah Palin, Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow, Richard Gere and Carey Lowell This is a very interesting combination. Virgo will not be the least intimidated by a smart Aquarius woman, and she will look up to you for your orderly logic and ability to analyze.

If the relationship has to last long then the duo need to put in some effort and commitment.There’s a strong sexual playground for these two to explore – Aquarius is often ready to push the boat out and Virgo is secretly happy to oblige.They are concerned with universal and intellectual pursuits as well.Together they face obstacles in life and change problems into opportunities. Both of are very much attuned and committed to life.A Virgo man and an Aquarius woman share high levels of compatibility when they are involved in marriage.His pessimistic approach and her optimistic approval just meet head-on bringing in rifts.